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First day in Peru

December 13, 2011

Excuse the last post am having some serious IPAD problems today which hopefully will be cured in order to complete posts with photos the rest of my journey. Today was great, arrived early this morning about 1am which made my 5am departure to Ica a challenge but was well worth it. Drive to Ica down the Pan American highway revealed the beauty of the Peruvian desert and coast line. A visit to the regional museo de Ica provided great color into the area prior to heading to a desert oasis where I road the sand dunes and did some sand boarding. The oasis and the dunes were magnificent. Stopped for lunch at a lovely hotel in Paracas in the most breath taking setting and delicious cuisine. After racing to the airport caught the flight to see the Nasca lines, to this day there is no certainty why they were created or how but after seeing the alien in the hillside I can understand where the wild theories come from. Long ride back to Lima with plenty of napping and feeling refreshed and ready for tomorrows trip to Cusco to aclimatitize for the hike, very excited despite the realization I am getting up at or before 5am est everyday for the duration of my time in Peru. Lovely place great first day and can not wait to see what tomorrow holds.

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