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Inca trail beginnings

December 17, 2011

Not much is known about the great Inca civilization since there was not written history and the only documents that remain are from the Spanish during the conquest. I chose to hike the Inca trail for the challenge the history and the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains. Unfortunately as with most amazing places Peru is becoming more and more commercial each year. Now, after the trek, sitting in a small restaurant in Aguascalientes shows just how tourist oriented this part of Peru has become. Between the English signage and the constant barrage of offerings of everything from post cards and Internet to swedish massages I wish I would have stayed out on the trail just a couple more days. The town is very similar to Pokhara Nepal in that aspect. I will write a more complete post later but wanted to post some images from the first day of the trek even before making it back to a warm dry hotel.

My group, a couple of engineers from a small town outside Munich and a couple from Namibia. They all were great travel companions.

A couple horses just lazing around near the first archeological site admiring the view.

Our first site on the trail, Llactapata

I will never master the art of taking a picture with the timer.

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