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Hueco Tanks and Carlsbad Caverns

January 29, 2012

Have been quite busy the last few weekends got in a ski trip to Pagosa Springs with my sister, all the way out to West Texas for some hiking and climbing, and completed the Tough Mudder Gulf Coast yesterday. Ready to commit to a weekend at home for some projects and to get some brewing done. Below are some pictures and comments on last weekends trip out west. The West Texas desert is a beautiful and amazing place to visit.

Started at Carlsbad Caverns after the overnight drive from Dallas. January is not peak season so the caverns were not busy and allowed us a small tour group for Left Hand Cave and then a quick uninterrupted jaunt around the Big Room. Being 800 feet underground is pretty amazing and seeing all the formations from the last few millennia is so impressive.

We started with a tour by lamp light in Left Hand Cave


Just before experiencing absolute darkness I snapped this photo of our groups lanterns.


And of course the rock formations


After seeing the caverns and determining that the Carlsbad saloon only sells Root Beer and not the real thing we headed off to the Hueco Tanks with a brief stop for lunch in the Guadalupe Mountains state park. Headed off through the west Texas desert we did have quite a scare since the only gas station for 100+ miles had closed since the last trip. We stopped at the boulder patrol station and were informed that they could only help us if we actually ran out of gas, but did confirm this happened on this stretch of road a few times a day. Drove the truck with the gas gauge buried far below E for about 20 miles and coasted in on fumes but still made it.

The Hueco Tanks are a wonderful 700 acre desert controlled access park with great scenery and some of the best climbing and bouldering in Texas. Get there early and camp if you do not have reservations since they only allow ten unreserved passes per day during high season. We were assured we would land some by sitting in front of the rangers station starting before 6 am. The hiking and climbing was amazing, check it out.





After the day the sunset over the desert was amazing as always.


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  1. awesome place~!

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