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Delinquent blogging

April 3, 2012

Good times in the last few weeks but so busy. Always fun to see friends and family but feeling woefully behind on my blog. I am going to just post some pictures and captions and leave it at that knowing that the next couple months will be busy but should find me on more planes with some time to catch up here and get some posts complete.

Time for some brewing. Added a march pump to my homebrew sculpture which has allowed me to continuously recirculate my mash but I am still missing my target OG. Still needs some work but looks good for now.



I have also picked up a ton of grain and hops so no more trips to the store for awhile, think I have 8 batches worth of ingredients at home…..

Hung out at e Common table before heading to Adip’s to work on the fence, great spring time work outdoors.

Still working on the car. Transmission is complete engine in process and paint scraped ,just need to find a painter and get the interior completed.

Little draft refrigerator update

Great times but no medals this year at Bluebonnet BrewOff can’t wait until Brew Riot




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