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Spring Turkey Hunt

June 10, 2012

June is already here and almost half way gone, oh how the time flies. So far this spring and early summer have been amazing. Early this spring i was invited on a turkey hunt in Oklahoma and then informed that i would have to man up and bring a bow rather than just my 12 gauge. went and purchased a PSE which i love and started practicing every week in preparation for the hunt. The hunt was with a couple guys from work and despite all the tornados in Oklahoma we headed out West. Having never seen far western Oklahoma i was very impressed at the contours of the land, how green and lush everything was and the varied the state has to offer, was beautiful. The Western Canadian Hilton was a great place and Justin and his crew really took ca of us. Between time in the field he showed off some of his livestock too.


At the guides suggestion I took my shotgun in the field the first day in order to have a better opportunity to make sure I could take home a bird. Back against a tree, hidden behind some bushes we called in the birds and wham, got big Tom right away.


Starting at dawn and getting a bird built my confidence enough to want to break out the bow, inexperience and all I really wanted to give it a try, better challenge, better stories, and just seems a little more fair than using a gun. The afternoon hunt was cut short when we were chased out of the field by a tornado passing right over the large, luckily with no damage. At dawn Sunday, we loaded up, headed out in the field, and I crawled into my first pop up blind. Once we got the birds in so close I started and ended my first bow hunt by experiencing what I have come to know as, Turkey fever. I did not get a big that morning even after loosing 2 out of the three broad head tipped arrows I brought but I learn the rush and challenge of a real hunt.

The boys and I are all headed back to the Canadian River Hilton this fall for some bigger game and maybe even another turkey. I think this time I will need some specific practice, beside just strengthening my back and shoulders I will also try sprinting to raise my heart rate then immediately trying to knock and fire an arrow to see if perhaps I can avoid the Fever this time around. We did have an amazing time and if anyone want to join us in the fall let me know.

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