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2nd Half of 2012

November 2, 2012

So many things have gone on since my last post. Little Nick can stand up on his own now, hit a couple of fantastic music festivals, hit the highest and lowest point in the continental US, the car is progressing well, chopped down trees in Maine, learned all sorts of things not to do when attempting to deer hunt, ran a marathon and a tough mudder, signed up for Go Ruck, got to see Big Tex the night before he burned at the state fair, planned a trip to Egypt and, worked as much as I could without losing my mind.

I will post some pictures and try and get in a post or two preceding my big trip next week. I love seeing my sister and she is running the NYC marathon this Sunday, I hope to join her but have to figure out how to obtain a bib so late in the game. My thoughts are with my friends and family that have been impacted by hurricane Sandy and I chose not to forgo the trip to NYC tomorrow to celebrate living through a challenge this big. Rebuilding The coast will be an effort as big as Texas and I have not doubt that with the support of all of us fortunate enough to have not been impacted, that the Jersey shore will soon be better than ever. In my next post I will add some links for fund raising for the rebuilding efforts since everyone could stand to help out as much as they can.

More in posts to come but here is my years best sunrise.


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