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Amman to Petra via Mt. Nebo

November 8, 2012

Not realizing that 3 weeks ago Jordan decided not to turn the clocks back thanks to the new prime minister I got started a bit late today. Would have liked to go for a run in Amman this morning but after ending so late last night needed the rest and think I have my body clock worked out now so a run in the high desert should be great in the morning before seeing Petra.

Today I visited Amman Citadel and got to see first hand the amazing history of the city through e ruins from 2000 b.c. through the Romans, Byzantine, and most recently the Islamic rule of the city and territory. I did find it funny that Amman was called Philadelphia at one point, so glad to know that Roman influence runs the span of the entire globe.




As always when travel makes me realize I need to read more to learn about these fascinating places the world has to offer. My next stop on the way out of the city was to, Madaba, the city of mosaics. Here is an Italian supported school dedicated to the mosaic art form and preserving some of the thousands of ancient mosaics in the 700 some odd churches throughout Jordan. Not a bad show of religious tolerance for a country that is approximately 90% Muslim.

The mosaic map of the ancient world at St. George’s Cathedral in Madaba


From Madaba headed to Mt. Nebo to see the view described in the bible as the first view Moses had of the Holy land given to the Israelites.


After a drive through the Jordan valley past the dead sea we headed up through the mountains towards Petra. I did miss some of the scenery as exhaustion got the best of me but was amazed at the beauty of the Jordan country side. Stopped briefly for tea before flying along in order to try and arrive at Petra for sunset. Nasam, the driver, was proud of having made it in time to see…


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  1. Go easy on the hummus bro. Jordan’s issued a travel advisory warning visitors about the “exhaustion” that got the best of ye…

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