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Arrival in Jordan

November 8, 2012


After flying to New York just to find out in mid air that the race was canceled I thought often why I did not stay to volunteer. Please anyone who reads this and has not donated yet, people impacted by Sandy need your help. Rather than a bunch of links here is NYRR and it includes a number of organizations you can donate too.

Being home for the weekend let me prepare for my trip which would have been difficult between the travel and work schedule. I did get a couple of good workouts in to prepare for Go Ruck

These bricks have to become my best friends


My classy wrap job but they will get some bubble wrap too but not yet.


After getting as much work done as I could, then hearing all the changes I was really ready for a vacation. Headed to the airport last night overnight to London was fine, albeit had a bad seat since I did not check in early enough. Slept all the way then went into downtown for lunch and enjoyed a great French place called Bar Boulud. After a pint I wandered through Hyde Park for a bit, London is beautiful in the fall.


Then back to Heathrow and off to Amman. The airport is small and is about all I have seen not through a car window so far.


Chatting with the driver a bit on the way to the hotel caused me to realize I was being too short sighted just coming here for Petra. Now I have a far more interesting slate of places to see, just have to get some sleep before. Finally ready for bed, 4am is way to close to my 9am wake up call when I am going to have to find a place to run.

First leg complete.

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