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Karnak Luxor and beginning on the Nile

November 19, 2012

Egyptian archeologists are working on the road between Karnak and Luxor with a two mile stretch of 3000 sphinx. It will be amazing once it is finished but they have to move many homes and businesses and apparently has been ongoing negotiations for 30 years.
Couple more views of this beautiful obelisk
20121119-071251.jpgBit closer to see the magnificent hieroglyphics
20121119-071710.jpgThe amount of color that has survived 2000+ years is amazing, have huge sand storms to thank for the preservation.
20121119-071916.jpgApparently the Nile lacks very many bridges so crossings are often times on small boats. The group sat below but I rushed up to the roof to catch the views.20121119-072226.jpg
20121119-072740.jpgOutside of the valley of the Kings is this magnificent temple of Hatshepsut, carved into the mountain. The statues in front are in wonderful condition.

20121119-073410.jpgColossi of Memnon
20121119-073529.jpgAfter a great day exploring the sunset on the Nile was amazing.20121119-073921.jpgFollowed by a wonderful sunrise.20121119-074137.jpg

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