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Growth and Goals for 2013

January 10, 2013

Time get memorialize my goals for 2013.  In years past I have not done well at New Years Resolutions but this time I figure if I commit them to public view then I have a strong reason to make sure and complete everything.  The list is fairly lengthy and will require commitment to work hard day and night throughout the coming year, but I think it should bring fulfillment and growth in the coming year.  Much of the academic effort is based on the Self Guided MBA from Chris Guillebeau’s book, The Art of Non-Conformity, that a wonderful friend turned me on too a few years ago.

I have always wanted to expand my liberal arts side and to see if I could work through his suggested course work in a single year, while maintaining normal work and life pressures.  In addition to Guillebeau’s curriculum I will be a bit more specific about what I want to read, where I want to travel, and will expand greatly on the “gym membership” or healthy portion of his plan.  Below is my interpretation and personal growth goals for 2013.  I will maintain a reading list, athletic achievements and failures, as well as a travel guide to see just how much I can accomplish alongside my day job managing our portfolio at the office.

Self Guided MBA/2013 Growth and Development Plan:


Read 3 major world religious texts(Torah, Koran, Bible)

50 books (10 history, 10 brewing or entrepreneurial, 20 classics, 10 misc)

Read The Economist cover to cover every week

Chinese study (2 hours per week, including at least one blog post published in Mandarin)

English grammar (1 hour per week)

DSVP and charity work (2+ hours per week)

Refine and expand on this blog and adhere to minimum bi-weekly posting schedule


Visit at least 3 new countries

Finish visiting all 50 states (Only Washington and Hawaii remain)

Hike in at least 5 states


Physical Goals:

Complete one significant event per month (significant is at least a half marathon, 50 mile bike, Mountain 3500 m, etc.)

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro


Complete the Go Ruck Challenge

Complete 3 triathlons one being a Half Iron

Finish the car……


Skills to acquire:

Learn to ride my unicycle with a stretch goal of juggling while on the unicycle (clown fall back career)

Video editing to begin posting some of my GoPro videos

Backwoods navigation by compass and GPS and outdoor survival skills

2 new knots a month


Explore new music (10+ concerts, 5 new favorite albums)

Spend more time with family


Visit 5 new breweries


Do more dancing


More that needs to be done but this seems like enough to memorialize.

Best wishes to all for a fantastic 2013


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