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Family First

April 13, 2013

Sitting on the plane chatting with my mother today is a welcome break after a furious first quarter. Recent shocks in my support system are making April pretty tough so far and feel like i need to write a bit and see if it helps me understand my feelings. My travel goals have been going well, have made some good progress on most of my other annual goals but in the last few days have focused inward on what is important in life. Many people discuss work life balance and espouse the necessity of not working too much and focus on family and personal relationships. I believe that i have a good social life both with my colleagues as well as an active social life away from the office, but I do have to wonder what if I took more time to relax and “smell the roses”? What if I spent more time with family than chasing the next race, the next adventure, the quarterly goal at the office? Would I be any happier? Any more able to support those I love?

My family has gone through some tough emotional times in the last week losing a very dear member far before her time to a sudden stroke. We loved her and she will be greatly missed but I believe knowing her zest for life she would encourage us all to continue to grasp life everyday and live, love and learn. Just last night some dear friends lost their Grandfather, he was a great man whom I was very fortunate to have spent time with. Hs intelligence and what joy he brought to the family, his music, his intellect, and just knowing how to have a good time will be dearly missed.

Feeling these losses makes me sad, knowing that my loved ones will suffer as we deal with loss hurts more while making me wonder what I can do to soften these difficult occurrences. Being gone frequently probably doesn’t help and limits my time with those I love but I have a sense of wanderlust that needs to be satiated. In a selfish way I feel that my travels and experiences are things I get to bring back to my family and loved ones every time we are together, being away makes being together all the more special. Does this make me too selfish?

To all my family and friends, please know how much you all mean to me, you are what makes me smile when I get up in the morning and before bed at night, I am lucky to have such a great group of loved ones and could never ask for anything better.

Spending this weekend with Mom seeing a new place and getting some Mother Son time will be a good place to refocus on family and how important we are to one another.

Aloha for now


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  1. Angeline permalink

    This is a nice post :). I hope you have a relaxing time in Hawaii!

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