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Approaching Independence Day

June 21, 2013

As the summer progresses and we approach Independence Day I always think of growing older.  My brother’s birthday as well as my own, are around the holiday, so we are a pretty patriotic family who always gets to celebrate our years together while celebrating the Independence of our country.  As I consider all that has transpired the past year, I am reminded of some of the challenges we have gone through as a country.   Thinking about the big storms in NYC and OKC, the tragedy of the Boston bombing during the marathon, it makes me wonder what I can do to be a better citizen.  I think during this July I will try to spend a weekend volunteering and try to find ways to reach out to support organizations for our community in need.  If anyone has any suggestions to provide specific support the victims in OKC or Boston please let me know with a comment or an email.

To support New York, I have decided to run the NYC marathon as I intended to do last year.  This year I will do so by Fund Raising for Team for Kids and the New York Road Runners.  Team for Kids is the organization my sister also chose to support for her bid to run the NYC Marathon, so it makes sense we would work together to support the organization.  I will have about 4 months to fund raise for my part in the race and look forward to hopefully setting a personal best.  If you would like to support my bid to run please click here and know I appreciate your support.

Sister and I after Austin half in front of Texas Capital

Sister and I after Austin half in front of Texas Capital

Please join me in cheering on this wonderful country over the Independence Day weekend 2013.

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