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Southern California – Summer, Friends, Fun

June 23, 2013

Waking up early in the Pacific time zone always gives me time to relax and think about what is next. These thoughts recently have been of particular interest since i have recently come to the realization that is time to slow down a bit and learn to smell the roses. Since slowing down is not something I am good at this in and of itself may be a challenge but i am working on it. I will only be home 2 days out of the next couple weeks but after that think I may spend more of the summer home in Texas.

I will be working in the office in San Diego all week which is always productive since the areas that I focus on mostly are here so it is good to get to work along side people rather than over the phone or via email. I feel pretty lucky to also had made friends in San Diego as well as have my 2nd parents here. Spending time with Richard and Ivy always makes me pretty happy. They have known me since I was a child and watched me grow through the good times and bad so I always make it a point to come visit while I am here. I have been anxiously awaiting the day the Richard can get out and hike with me again and wish he would have been up for Mt. Whitney next weekend.

San Diego is interesting some times. Why can there never be sun first thing in the morning? On my run this morning I headed to Balboa park since the loop from there to Mission Hills is a good six miles and goes through the always colorful Hill crest neighborhood where they were setting up the farmers market. It is so nice to run when it is cool but guess I am just used to the Texas sunshine so that is what I enjoy most, and the vitamin D doesn’t hurt either.

Waiting to get together with friends for brunch this morning I was listening to a homeless person explain his frustrations understanding the meditation book he is reading. The woman he is discussing with has just stopped for coffee and has offered to introduce him to her father for some spiritual guidance…..and to think I thought Texans were friendly. The other odd occurrence from earlier this morning was noticing a woman walking her bunny rabbit in the park where I was working out. I chalked the pure white bunny up to being Buniculla, the vegetable consuming vampire rabbit from the children’s book of the same name. As I was finishing my run this same woman, now cradling the darling vampire rabbit, was having what appeared to be a very deep conversation with a different homeless man in the park. Perhaps it makes me callous but I have never found myself in deep conversation with a homeless person outside of when I was volunteering at a shelter.

After my morning exploring town I was headed off to brunch and then to find something to do this afternoon since the scuba trip did not pan out as I had expected. Lucky for me some friends planned on attending the Padres Dodgers game and invited me to tag along. Such a great day for a baseball game, the sun had come out and the company for the game was great, albeit the home team lost after back to back solo home runs late in the game. Sunday home games in San Diego are military games so hundreds of USMC recruits attended and the show of commitment to American patriotism on display really made me remember why baseball is indeed Americas past time.


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