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Leading up to Mt. Whitney

June 29, 2013

After a taxing week in the office it is very nice to be able to head to Lone Pine, CA to climb Mt. Whitney. This will be the 2nd year I have done this mountain and after setting the bar high last year, I have nothing but the greatest expectations for tomorrow. As we conquer the mountain I will undoubtedly think about the tough calls made at the office this week and the people that were affected. We are always lucky to have coworkers who are good people and sometimes when friends and coworkers leave we just have to know that there are innumerable opportunities out there and each person has a unique opportunity in each phase of their life. Being in the mortgage servicing business I know it is likely I will work with many people again in the future.

Enough reminiscing about another week at the office and off to prepare and pack for the mountain. Below are a series of photos taken on the way and upon arrival in Lone Pine.








20130628-211237.jpgMost of the party for tomorrow pretty excited after dinner

20130628-212640.jpgLooking forward to seeing what tomorrows adventure holds.

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