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Life on a post card

August 9, 2013

After a rough, albeit short, work week it feels pretty good to be headed up to the mountains for a weekend of atv riding and fishing with my brother and father. As always sitting on a plane makes me reflect on the recent past. Work is always a zoo as we grow and learn what challenges accompany that growth. Personal life can be tumultuous at times and for a few weeks earlier this summer, I came to realize the pain that comes with a life lived constantly traveling and seeking new places, experiences and, challenges.

Working too much then being away from home or totally booked every weekend puts some strain on personal and family relationships. Trying to be thoughtful in my communication this summer I have taken to writing post cards, sort of the nineteenth century version of a tweet or Facebook post, how much can you convey to a friend, loved one or acquaintance in the space of just a few handwritten sentences? The responses I receive are always varied, some people read them and call me, some text, have even received pictures of the card I sent telling me they enjoyed it or were surprised to receive it. In each of these cases I think it makes people happy to get a letter in the mail so I will continue to write as often as I can. I think the post cards have actually decreased my blogging a bit but seems well worth while.

Over the last few weeks i have dog sat, run, visited snd worked and had such fun but makes me wonder if i should slow down a bit, spend more time at home. Perhaps rest more. Spending a week with a dog was fantastic and makes me realize how badly i miss having one since there has been a dog at home for a large portion of my life. Sammy was a blast to hang out with.

Thinking about one of my goal decisions to try and find some more artistic or creative outlets thought I would share a photo of what must be the most outrageous balloon hat I have ever seen. For Emma’s birthday the artist created this, little Irish, lots of birthday.

Last weekend I had the good fortune of visiting the small Texas town of Granbury which was great fun and made me realize how much of a Texan I have become. Seeing the shops, Texas trinkets, the town square, the beautiful running paths, the drive in movie theater and, the water skiers on the lake all seem so normal even though they can be so different from little towns in other parts of the world.

Almost landing time then a drive across the state of Colorado to meet the family. I will find some more post cards to say hello to more friends and loved ones but in the mean time will wrap up my 21st century communication. Hope any readers are having a lovely summer so far and watch your mail box.

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