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Life on a post card – part 2

August 12, 2013

After spending the weekend with my father and I brother I have had time to consider how lucky I am to have the family I have. For all my life my father has regaled us with stories of travels around the US. From crossing mountain passes in snow storms in the dead of night to getting trucks broken down in a NYC tunnel snarling traffic for hours. As children he gave us not only those stories but the experience, knowledge and, love of the traveling the United States by showing us much of the country by car. He followed up these stories by encouraging us to live our own stories. I realized that driving over Cottonwood pass in the middle of the night a few hours ago, as the headlights passed into the ink black night and I realized I was going a bit too fast for the switch backs on a dirt road.

This weekend was a reminder that his taking us all around the country before we were old enough to appreciate it, he still imparted a wanderlust. He introduced us to riding dirt bikes when my brother and I were little, no doubt to my mothers dismay, but all in all aside from my brothers broken collar bone in Baja a few years ago we are not any not worse for wear but by all means a more well rounded bunch. This weekend found us in the Colorado high country about an hour from Gunnison. We spent a few days together telling and hearing stories catching up on life, getting in a couple full days riding ATVs, took the rental off road, Dad got to fish, we found a brewery for me and just in general got away from the city lights and noise.

Having this love of travel and the outdoors coupled with the introductions we received to culture, art, literature, music, history, and hard work have provided what I think is a pretty well rounded frame work for life. We as a family never lack for new experiences or opportunities, whether those that find us the hard way or ones we seek out.

I hope to be able to provide even a fraction of the opportunity to experience the world that my parents provided to me. Given the right opportunity children will be able to achieve anything they desire which I am so excited to one day see. Guess until then just have to wait a couple years before my nephew will be ready for bikes on the trail or camping in the wilderness. Getting a blend of cities for culture and outdoors for nature provided me am interesting window into what I want from life at a very young age. I will dedicate a future post to just how nature and nurture shaped my young life and desires for the future.

This weekend I thought often of family far away, loved ones, and friends back home and abroad and managed to write a number of post cards to say hello and that of course made me want to do more. Build better relationships, tell people I care about them more often, and support my friends better since they provide such strength for me, even when I am off somewhere getting in trouble.

Despite the completely packed weekend I feel like this was such a recharge for me. I guess flying across the country, then driving across Colorado, only to spend 185 miles riding the trails as fast a fearless as possible before driving all night to make an early flight is exactly what I need to relax. Below are some photos all posted from AA flight to DFW.






















Some are a bit out of order but if this post did not get finished on the plane it might sit for awhile since this week will be busy. Out of town friends, plenty of work and another week dog sitting should be fun.


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  1. Sounds like a truly amazing & memorable time had!

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