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Venture Philanthropy, Fundraising, and Community Awareness

August 23, 2013

Having the opportunities in life to go out and explore the world from North Texas to places far away always brings me home. For the remainder of this year as I try and complete more of my goals I am routinely brought back to the theme of helping others in life and asking how I can do more. This week I spent a great evening at a friend raiser for The Kikulu Foundation, a grass roots organization here in North Texas that is supporting children’s education in Uganda. It is amazing what one evening will do to make the desire to do more for my world community. The evening reinforced my realization that through our efforts and resources we can make a great impact in the world both here and far away. Passion of people and community can help make the world a better place.

To that end I committed to spending some time with Kikulu and helping to strengthen and grow the organization. The people already involved are so strong and committed that I am not sure my small impact will move the needle that much but I will certainly give it a try. Should be a good experience to work through a strategic plan and help build further foundations for an organization doing such great work.

In addition to Kikulu I got to see some friends from Dallas Social Venture Partners, DSVP, my favorite charity since 2006. The people I have met and the impact this organization has had always amazes me. Just a few hours with them reminded me that I have been solely absent from the organization for too long and need to get off my tail and back into the fold. The next morning i immediately got on the DSVP Investment committee and starting chatting with a new DSVP potential partner. Going through the DSVP investment cycle is always a pretty cool way to get a feel for what is going on in the Dallas charity space. It provides a chance to know what organizations are emerging and growing in their efforts to help North Texas children lead better lives. For those of you who do not know, DSVP is part of a larger organization, Social Venture Partners International SVPI, that leverages venture philanthropy to help grow charitable organizations around the world.

In addition to working with Kikulu and DSVP this fall I am still fund raising for a couple more selfish causes as well. Both of which support great organizations and allow me to get to participate in pretty cool events as well. In order to get to run the NYC Marathon this fall with my sister I have committed to fund raising for The Team for Kids, a NYC organization that serves over 100,000 youth and helps them stay fit. With the full understanding that the US healthcare system can use all the support possible, keeping kids fit seems as important as voting for the continued health of our great nation.

If you would like to help me meet my goal of running NYC please click here and help some kids stay fit in NYC.

In addition to to the NYC Marathon I am also participating in another GoRuck event, this time up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Navigator will allow me to hang out with the GoRuck family and continue my love of the outdoors and learning a little more about myself and what I am capable of. To support our US military, GoRuck encourages supporting the Green Beret foundation which I also wholly put my money and time with. Supporting the people who protect us is something we could all stand to do a little better.

Enough late night ranting, time for less words and more actions.


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