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Starting 2014 thoughts and photos

April 16, 2014

Another quarter down, couple races completed, growth and change at the office and decided to come back to Africa. This time to South Africa to visit Cape Town and run the Two Oceans ultra. Still a bit on the short side for an ultra at 56k, but still enough distance to worry that I will not finish.

Sitting in the airport in Madrid and wishing that my tickets had some more flexibility and I could have actually visited the city rather than spending my layover in the lounge. One day I will need to come to visit Spain, seems I have over looked a significant portion of Europe so will need to remedy that soon.

Having my ironman training in full swing, I have run a couple long races this year with the one coming up being the longest of my running career. Also I have decided to try and qualify for the Boston marathon in the coming years. Got to the needed pace for short distance now just need to stretch it out a bit. All the training this quarter should have me fully prepared to climb Mt. Rainer next month and then hopefully a couple other 14ers this summer in Colorado.

As the stress from work drains away it always makes me sort of reflective, seeing additional change as we grow as an organization is interesting. The challenges that present themselves continue to prove that we all just need to communicate and partner better together. The silo effect I see in business is an ever present problem and I always think that one day there will be a magic bullet but we just can’t see it. Perhaps it’s a cultural change that we need to address, or an attitude change but I am just not sure to even determine what the various actual impediments are to this question.

Below are a couple photos from the first quarter of the year and in the coming days I will be posting on my time in Cape Town. Since I am posting remotely and lazy the photos consist of a whole range, San Diego panda, elephant hanging out in Las Colinas, me running on a frozen lake in Pagosa Springs, Just Brewing growler from Drink Tanks, eyeball in Dallas, camping after bad weather, and Me learning to go all Hipster.

Best to all















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