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Goals and Resolutions 2015 – Year of nothing new

December 28, 2014

Sitting in a cold rainy January 1st in Texas I have been thinking through the last portions of my goal list for 2015.  This year the first goal is one I am sharing with my sister, a year of nothing new.  Meaning I will not be buying any new stuff, any gear I need to get for Patagonia used, clothes and toys, will have to deal with what I already have or see if there is any worthwhile resale somewhere.  Additionally my sister who is also going on the adventure with me and she will be doing the same, she will be posting about her efforts

I have not flushed out my rules yet but will say there will be exceptions music, books, household consumables.  This goal is one that is sort of loose and the focus is just that I already have too much stuff and the reduction and self control is important to consider throughout the year.

-Year of Nothing New

Go Ruck Ascent perhaps with a stretch goal of also completing Go Ruck Heavy

Ironman or Half Ironman (have not yet settled on where or when)

-Live on a budget (will increase savings amount by 50%)

-More time volunteering (5 hour per quarter minimum Kikulu and SVP- Dallas)

-Take dancing lessons

-Complete Spanish level 1

-Read one book per month

-3 New Countries (Brazil, Argentina, and Chile)

-One significant physical event per month, stretch goal of qualifying for Boston marathon (50 min reduction on my marathon PR)

-More development activities for my team at the office (one per month)

-Paint another self portrait (hopefully better than my last one)

-Prepare the Maine summer cottage and make a long term plan for what to do, tear down or rehabilitate

-Take at least 5 camping trips (not counting Patagonia)

-Cheer/volunteer support for at least 5 events where I am not participating

-Babysit for niece and nephew more often

Starting the year off this morning is going sideways already since I have decided to skip my long trail run due to the weather and my desire to not catch a cold.  Will just consider my entry a donation to the parks department since last years race was awesome, but once I realized it would be run on the concrete on an alternative course and not in the trails, 20k doesn’t sound as fun if it is on the concrete in the rain at 34 degrees.  Perhaps that means I will have to run bandit in one of the events at Disney next weekend.

There may be some changes made for the goal list this year but this is a good place to start.

For anyone with a goal list I wish you the best of luck for the 2015




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