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First Brew day 2015 – Chipotle Porter and French Saison

January 4, 2015

Waking up early for a cold January brew day was invigorating.  Despite the high wind which makes the burners less efficient, it was still a great way to start the brewing year. Think an addition to my goal list will he to more fully develop my brewing effort through better recipe and production tracking, as well as tasting notes and at least two or three competitions. Today was a cold weather brew day so had to add some wind protection and some extra insulation but I’m pretty excited about both the beers.

I realized I had not posted about brewing in quite awhile so figured was good time to post. I made two batches as it the best use brew day of time.

Chipotle Smoked Porter:
First batch was extract with steeped grains. This is the beer I have made most frequently and always comes out really well. The recipe bill I have settled on after many different combinations are a mix of American Smoked malt, black malt, crystal and chocolate malt, balanced against goldings, Brewers gold, and cascade hops, all brought together with a American Ale yeast and finished with a ten day “dry hop” with rehydrated chipotle peppers.

French American Saison:
The second batch was something new, I did well at Bluebonnet Brewoff a couple years ago with a French saison so I dug out the recipe for that but for a new twist I brewed my first whole hop batch with some hops my neighbors brother grew. I think he is a alternative farmer so I am not sure where he came up with Anheuser Busch prime heritage hops but the big bag was such a fun gift. Along with those hops and French saison yeast was a primarily Pilsner malt grain bill with a little wheat, little Munich. Then to try and fit the style a extra long mash and boil and will probably try to re-ferment it with an extra dose of yeast in secondary.

A few pictures of the day are below and now I just hope our Dallas Cowboys can get past this horrible first quarter.










Next post will likely be about the trip to Orlando with Emma and friends. Maybe a horrible choice but I found a bib for the sold out Disney World marathon next week so that will be my first big event for the

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