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Palo Duro Canyon State Park – A visit in pictures

January 19, 2015

Plenty of people who spend their whole life in Texas never get out to see it, I do not fall in this category thanks for my father taking us all over by car when we were very young.  The “grand canyon” of Texas is Palo Duro Canyon just south of Amarillo and well worth the drive.  I would highly encourage anyone with the time and the love of our beautiful state to visit, it is a toss up for me which is better, Palo Duro State Park or Big Bend National Park.  This weekend was Palo Duro and was a perfect weekend to visit the panhandle.

IMG_7906 IMG_7915 IMG_7924 IMG_7928 IMG_7932 IMG_7941 IMG_7945



IMG_7962 IMG_7971 IMG_7974 IMG_8012 IMG_8019 IMG_8026 IMG_8036 IMG_8040 IMG_8042

Texas attempt at Red Rocks

Texas attempt at Red Rocks

The Texas Parks & Wildlife page is a great resource but I need to find some more reviews and information on what the various parks have to offer to pick the next break from mortgage land.

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