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Life at a frenetic pace and traveling solo

February 7, 2015

I’ve been away a bit recently and sometimes feel the constant rushing is catching up, but then cannot seem to unwind and relax. After a fast weekend of races and fun in Dallas still managed a few hours in Vegas before heading to work in San Diego. For most I imagine this would be a bad way to start a week of meetings and a big work function, for me worked quite well despite the breakneck pace.

Feeling like a sloth when I have nothing going on requires me to stay “full on” whenever I can, then go narcoleptic when the downtime comes, case in point barely stayed awake through dinner on my current overnight flight. For some reason this seems like the best way to pack a full month into a week and I don’t understand why this shouldn’t be the norm for other people as well.

Everyone I know seems to enjoy downtime and many people tell me I should learn how to also stop and smell the roses but it has not worked for me so far. I feel like we could all throw out the TV and just see and experience as much of the world as possible. As someone who has been searching for new challenges for a long time I wonder what’s next? Is another Ironman in order or a mountain or two? IM not booked yet but Go Ruck Ascent is and lottery entry for a couple of our national parks for the summer should work. I will soon be down visiting Patagonia and hiking the W trek in Torres del Paines national park in Chile but what after that?

Sitting on my flight this evening waiting to take off for Rio the person next to me is also going to Carnival, spending a month in Rio compared to my 30+ hours, not sure if that’s just because vacation works differently in Canada or because they slow down more but that gives me pause to think if I’m doing something wrong. They were also surprised to hear I’m traveling solo. This is my forth or fifth multi country solo journey around the world and I think it is also likely my last one.

Guess I will see how it goes but there is something changing as I get older that makes seeing far away places a little less fun, not sharing the experience with family or friends makes for good stories but lacks shared experience.

Thinking about plans for the remainder of the year I need to focus on making sure other people come along on some of these poorly contrived adventures. I’ll start by recruiting for work on the house Maine, any takers for the 4th of July weekend? Let me know, lodging is free if you don’t mind working and we can spend evenings on the beach with a bonfire.

One more time solo is just getting started guess this isn’t a bad way to begin on the roof of my hotel over looking Copacabana beach. Seeing Rio is next.


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  1. Beverly Knight permalink

    How many of those did you have by the Sambodromo time? 😉

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