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Summer training and old photos

March 28, 2015

Thinking through this weeks post after finishing at the track I was wondering how I will ever increase my speed enough to Boston Qualify. Currently my best half pace is 30 seconds a mile short of the BQ standard, and even hitting the time does not guarantee entry since only the fastest get an entry. This summer I am planning on extensive work at the track but have been finding significant motivation challenges to go to the track since it is hard without a partner and with a goal that seems so unattainable. Despite my having shaved almost a minute off my long distance pace in the last 15 months I still see the magic BQ time as something so difficult to attain.

Being of non-sound mind I continue to race without sufficient training but it still is fun and keeps the endorphins up 🙂

Last weekend ran Rock n Roll half here in Dallas and saw this hilarious support

While working to get my time down I have decided that some significant vertical should be beneficial to trying to increase my fitness to the level needed to qualify. To start I did the Big D Stair climb with sister and friends which was great fun but I was a couple of minutes short of winning my group, was a neat way to climb this tower in Dallas.

In order to focus on uphill and sustained endurance activities, I have picked a series of events in the next few months to fulfill the need to go vertical and think I will start in earnest this weekend with a hill or two in San Diego. The mountains and events I signed up for have very little theme but all seem like they should provide significant training time and increase how prepared I am. I signed up for Go Ruck Ascent, the Pikes Peak Marathon and to climb Mt. Whitney again, with a strong hope to also get in the Half Dome Cables lottery in Yosemite. I am still putting the group together for Whitney so give my a call if you think it may a challenge you would enjoy and we can talk, this will be my third time to climb it. I figure these should all lead up to trying a 50 mile run this fall in the Texas Panhandle and will hopefully assist in my speed and sustained endurance.

With these in mind and the logistics of traveling that much while still spending time in Maine this summer it seems like pretty tight schedule and that I will need to be careful with time out of the office. The cottage needs significant attention so this may be a poor choice but thankfully I have the best next door neighbor to ever live…..Thanks Mom!

With my brother’s family moving this weekend it took some time to sort through everything and a couple of the boxes I found was old travel photos from time living in Italy in college, and visiting Alaska. Such vivid memories came rushing back and I so wish they were digital, so I will find someone to digitize then after which I will post. If anyone knows of a good provider of this service please let me know in the comments or email. In the mean time I took a couple of pics of pics and thought I would post one of my first glacier since that is one of the things that drove me most recently to Patagonia

Below is Luke and I on Mt. Healy Alaska and a glacier which I cannot recall the name of, both taken with a disposable panoramic film camera, oh how far things have come.

Off to find some more training opportunities. Best to all.

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