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Patience, Tradition, Growth through Challenges

April 19, 2015

Getting behind in posting again so will primarily be pictures today but will write a bit on goal setting and challenges. After visiting my first couple countries before I was 20 I set a long term goal to visit 30 countries before I was 30 years old. I missed the mark by 4 or 5 but I continue to explore as much as life will allow. Think I am resetting that goal to 45 by 40, means 2 new ones a year and is tough but attainable. Incorporating other goals into my travels is always fun and they have taken me to many places I would not otherwise have even considered. My current countries visited are displayed below and I am working on how to incorporate a more interactive version of the map soon, found it at

Learning to run helped me address a problem, I had gotten fat after college and wanted to run a 5k and also wanted to ride the MS 150, Frisco to Ft. Worth. That first year was 2009 and I could not run a mile non-stop. After a few tries in a week things started to get easier and I decided to increase the goal. Long story short I tried for too much too fast with the intention of going from couch to full marathon in 10 months, needless to say I did not make it. I suffered from Patello-Femoral Syndrome, or runners knee. After seeing a orthopedic and getting sent to the physical therapist I got myself sorted out and was able to finish a half marathon in 2009 but not the full that I hoped for. Fast forward to spring training of 2015 and again I find myself with PFS and again headed back to the therapist. I hope to recover in time to start the mountains in 8 weeks, then so many other things I have planned for the summer. I am not sure if this will work but confirmed the problem formulated a plan and now is time to see if it can possibly work.
Fixing this is similar to fixing problems at work analyze, formulate a plan and then execute, this is often easier said than done but I feel like the act of trying allows us to grow often in ways we did not even consider. I hope getting the knee fixed shows me some things I need to learn and perhaps it will help me work on and learn a bit more patience since I am not good at slowing down. Guess I will think about patience a little more on this mornings bike ride, maybe the beautiful Texas spring will help with some clarity.
Been busy since my last post, set my full marathon PR at Irving so keeping the tradition strong, I have run all 3 of the Irving marathons and think I will continue to do so as long as I live here.


Did some California dreaming when I saw this, one day I will find one for my garage.
The California Tower in the heart of Balboa Park has just reopened for the 100 year anniversary, is a neat way to see Balboa from above.

Each year seeing the bluebonnets makes me happy to had to snap a few pictures.


Even one with a wooden bow tie……

Out of the water this weekend in urban Las Colinas
Finally, even though we missed last year, we were able to make it back to the Canadian River Hilton for our annual turkey hunt. Took one with a 12 gauge but still no success with my bow, more work to come on that I suppose, patience, more patience.



Enough pictures, time for some PT and biking to prepare for the mountains. Won the Half Dome Cables lottery so looking like Whitney and Yosemite in one weekend, should be a good start for summer. Based on my knee challenge getting to a Boston qualifying time this year is going to be tough, perhaps that goal gets moved to next year and maybe it will be a good challenge for the 2016 Irving marathon, would be nice to qualify so close to home.

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