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So far behind

November 29, 2015

Did not seem like I have been too terribly busy this year but have certainly fallen behind blogging. As I sit up super early in the morning ready to start my day tomorrow I thought I would post a few pictures. All unedited so some may not be so great and I will try and caption them later but for now here we go.

Parts of June to Novemwber 2015

Lone Pint in Magnolia makes some great beers, pre-FPSF stop

Go for the Yellow Rose

Third time on Whitney and first one turned back ice. Next time crampons and axes

Totally need this to be my next building project


After failing on Whitney took a wonderful drive up the  valley to give the Half Dome Cables a shot.  The valley views in the summer are amazing, granted it crowded.  First stop Devils Post Pile, columnar basalt formation.  Is second in my opinion to Devils Tower but still pretty amazing site.



  The cables route to the top of Half Dome is a bit unnerving but was indeed well worth the lottery entry and the fear getting up and down.


Tried a great beer in Portland before the Naked Bike Ride, (no pics on that one but I did wear a bow tie at least) and then got to attend a Timbers game such a great weekend.
   Fun time with friends and family in Maine for the Forth, even with Adip trying to get some work done with Nikhil on board.


The grey house is my Uncles beautiful cottage in Searsport and was fun to come back and see where I spent so many summers growing up.


  Managed a trip down to the tip of the Florida Keys this year was neat to visit Hemmingway’s house and see the southern end of the US along with the end of Route 1 which I have driven up north so many times.

  Hatch Chili beer for Joe’s wedding turned out pretty darn good despite my fear it would be beer salsa.

  This John Singer Sargent painting, El Jaleo, hangs in my favorite museum in Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which has been beautifully redone since my first visit 5 years ago and is the most amazing stop on the way to see a game at Fenway in the summer time.  

Two times to see Weezer this summer both great as always.
  Some Sammy time while dog sitting figured he should go on a bike ride around the lake with me and he like plush accommodations so I hooked him up.

  Running the Pikes Peak Marathon was one of the largest accomplishments in an otherwise quite unproductive year and was totally worth it despite being the slowest marathon I could ever imagine.  
  Libby and Rob’s wedding in Maine was magical as I always imagined it would be.  While I was very sad to lose a sister i was also so grateful to gain a brother like Rob and so happy to have his family as part of ours going forward.  
  Go Ruck Ascent…… Not as tough as I hoped for one of their expedition events but I really enjoyed it just wish it would have been coordinated so that we could have attempted more than one 14’er.  Getting to the top of Humbolt Peak was amazing indeed but I feel like I need to climb more to be a decent hiker going forward.  Really time to stop being so lazy and go for a GoRuck Heavy event, may kill me, or cripple me, or just make me feel like perhaps I have at least a touch of athleticism in me, well only if I finish of course.  
  The next few were really amazing, one man who will be a dear friend forever is Adam, he invited me last year to see KC pay in the world series and I did not get to go, this year we figured it out.  To only skip an afternoon in the office to see what was the best ever first game in a world series going 14 innings, over five hours and for Kansas City to win in what would be the start of them bringing home the crown was indeed a site to see.  Great seats great friends and too see the town I was born in win a World Series game was a memory to be cherished for the rest of my life.
  Finally got out for some marathon trainning and see this guy defending the trail at mile 16 hahahah



Erin and I stopped on the way back to Texas after a 12 hour car ride to see Carlsbad Caverns still one of my favorite places in the southwest.


Had to sport the giant stache for a day was a fun experiment.
Trying to run a Half Ironman cold with no training sort of sucks, I still finished but dropped 30 minutes from. my last time in Austin due solely to my poor training schedule.  Sort of hoping the same is not repeated in San Antonio this weekend and Dallas Marathon for next.  probably no PR but a decent showing would be nice.

After a number of years thinking of it I have decided I need to pick up where grandmother left off and send some personal gift baskets, the first batch of cookies came out amazing so now once I make the real think hope they travel.

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