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Flood control, human failure, and what comes next?

December 13, 2015

This Saturday morning I was up early for a weekend spin a round around the lake as I wait for the girl to get ready all I could think of was disappointment over making an appropriate decision. I was reminded of this by the fact that my running trail was closed for flooding. This may seem odd considering it has not been raining much in North Texas. I live in a part of DFW where the lakes are all a part of the flood control system, so when the water board decides  to they open the locks and flood the local parks and other low lying areas. The reason this is relevant to me is the wrapping up of a year wrought with failures, some out of my control and some a direct cause of my action or inaction.  Four events I signed up for were not or will not be completed this year. Sunday being the most significant by having to skip running the Dallas marathon due to what appears to be a fractured bone in my foot, likely the result of last weekends San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon. While my orthopedic did not say you can’t run, he said run at your own risk and after your finished we will put you in a boot cast for 6 weeks. This causes an emotional struggle for me since I already missed a Go Ruck challenge based on an human weakness and had two half marathons canceled for weather and poor planning.  This is where the flood control ties into my human failure.  The state of Texas decided it would have to let the water flow, closing businesses, trails and parks, in order to solve for the greater good long term, how should I solve for the greater good of an injury?  Based on the fact that I may end up in a boot for 6 weeks anyway does 4 hours of misery matter to make it a full 5 marathons for 2016?  

The ebbs and flows of my energy level are mostly dictated by accepting and overcoming challenges. I’ve been ebbing recently and even though my ebbs are far more active than some peoples flows it will still be a great concern to miss the race.  Last weekend I decided to run the San Antonio marathon on a last minute whim, great weekend, saw the Spurs, walked the riverwalk and toured some breweries prior to the race which was plenty of fun and challenge but two days later the foot goes south and the orthopedic gives the news I expected.  As I got up this Saturday, my muscles all healed and prepared for Sunday but it appears that it is my bones giving way this time. 




Finishing this post from the spin bike (no impact cardio) I think I made the right flood control decision to allow myself time to heal.   I wished my friends and fellow runners good luck and I’ll be back out there in 2016. Thinking I will shoot for the Ft. Worth ultra as a kick off for the year.

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