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Success and Failure in 2015 and setting Goals for 2016 – Part 1

January 13, 2016

As I grow and see my family and friends grow and move away or change in ways that I could never predict it always makes me a bit introspective as to how I can improve, be that day by day or year by year.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a habit of annual goal setting and I try and make sure that they can be attained but are hard to reach so in the next  post or two will be the summary of 2015 and goals for 2016.  I failed miserably on many of my goals last year but succeeded in others so have to move some from the 2015 list to the 2016 list but also recognize I will continue to improve my ability to set better quality and more thoughtful goals as the years go by.


-Year of Nothing New – Success, First and most significant, I spent 12 months and bought no new material goods. This was hard and I think I learned more than anything what I can live without rather than simply desiring a new toy, outdoor gear, automobile, whatever, it actually was not as hard as I thought.  My expectation was that I would try and find things used but what ended up happening was that I adapted what I had to suit the need.

Go Ruck Ascent perhaps with a stretch goal of also completing Go Ruck Heavy – Success, Ascent completed and not as hard as I thought but I did not complete a Go Ruck Heavy, will be added to the list for 2016.

Ironman or Half Ironman (have not yet settled on where or when) – Half Ironman Austin completed, time could have been better but finished without injury.

-Live on a budget (will increase savings amount by 50%) – Failure, However I increased saving/investment but did not detail this out will be moved to 2016

-More time volunteering (5 hour per quarter minimum Kikulu and SVP- Dallas) – Failure, starting off 2016 well since this one is always on the list.

-Take dancing lessons – Failure

-Complete Spanish level 1 – Failure

-Read one book per month – Failure, 5 of 12

-3 New Countries (Brazil, Argentina, and Chile) – Success plus Belize

-One significant physical event per month, stretch goal of qualifying for Boston marathon (50 min reduction on my marathon PR) – Partial success since suffered through knee injury, but still managed like 8 of 12 months.  Granted there was no chance of increasing my speed with injury, did set a new marathon PR.

-More development activities for my team at the office (one per month) – Does one count haha, more but not nearly enough

-Paint another self portrait (hopefully better than my last one) -Failure

-Prepare the Maine summer cottage and make a long term plan for what to do, tear down or rehabilitate – Success but formal planning will be forth coming, have the outline/timeline but no architectural plans yet.

-Take at least 5 camping trips (not counting Patagonia) – Failure

-Cheer/volunteer support for at least 5 events where I am not participating – Failure

-Babysit for niece and nephew more often  – Failure but I did get to play Santa which may have made up for this.


Next up the list for 2016.  Things are looking good right now so expect a challenging list.



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