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Starting 2016

February 1, 2016

After having only mild success in 2015 at attaining my goals I have thought about resetting expectations.  That coupled with failing my first event of the year and some other challenging realities of life made made me understand I do not always get what I have worked hard to achieve despite the effort.  While this might make some feel disillusioned I think my parents set me up for understanding some of life’s challenges and making sure their children had the tools to overcome obstacles or even failure.  They always used to say, “Life is not always fair”, not in a negative way but in one that said, if you fail you have to get up and try again, work harder next time.

This  is an expectation I have to live by even when things are tough, this year will be no different, sure maybe I will slim down the list but it will be no less hard to accomplish.

  1. Tear Down the cottage and lay foundation for the new one.  This includes cutting down the some of the trees that will be used in the building and sourcing any other family resources that can be incorporated into the new house.
  2. Buy no pre-packaged beer for the house, i.e. only drink what I make home brewing.  While this may sound silly, it presents a planning challenge long term since if I was not ready I would have to wait a month to drink a beer I made, granted I get a carve out for growlers which are still gaining in popularity in Texas. Point of this is part environmental for less waste and part discipline.
  3. No fast food, take out, or food delivery to the house.  So have to either cook which I love to do or go out to eat.
  4. Write and adhere to a budget
  5. Complete another Ironman and set a new PR doing so better than 13:12:35 for full course.  Signed up for Mallorca Spain in the fall so training is starting now
  6. 3 New countries
  7. Spanish Level 1
  8. Paint a Self Portrait
  9. Baby sit for Nick and Winnie
  10. Take at least one class to learn something new


There are probably some other things I should do but I will leave it at this for now.  Finished my first half marathon of 2016 today and feeling okay for athletic events for the year, now just some mountains and ironman and things should be good.  Last weekend my failure was at the Ouray Ice Park in western Colorado, it is an amazing place and the only place I have ever seen “farmed” ice.  Some pictures from the park and stunning drive from there to Denver, are below and hopefully those are a good start on a pretty good 2016.

IMG_3018 IMG_3025 IMG_3042 IMG_3046 IMG_3079 IMG_3083 IMG_3094

One Comment
  1. brewriot1 permalink

    Hey Justin.
    I sent you an email trying to confirm you still wanted to be apart of Brew Riot. Please let me know. Sorry, this is kinda creepy. I haven’t heard from you and didn’t want give away your spot. Please let me know either way.

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