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Visit to Utah, Success on San Jacinto, planning for Denali

April 30, 2016

Since I am rushing to get ready for my first big trip of the year I will not write much about the pictures below but am happy to report I have fallen in love with the state of Utah and that I went back and achieved the summit of San Jacinto despite the same snowy conditions that turned us back before.

Below are pictures from Utah, did some running around the capital and the temple, some hiking in southern Utah visited a few breweries and went bob sledding in a suit and bowtie. Wonderful weekend trip and the majesty of the Arches was mind blowing. thumb_IMG_3277_1024 thumb_IMG_3281_1024 thumb_IMG_3406_1024 thumb_IMG_3411_1024 thumb_IMG_3459_1024 thumb_IMG_3412_1024 thumb_IMG_3332_1024 thumb_IMG_3318_1024 thumb_IMG_3325_1024


Then back to Souther California for another snowy attempt at the highest peak in the San Jacinto mountain range, this time went better since we avoided the wrong turn at the switch backs that got us so far off course before.  Started with an interesting brewery in Redlands CA, then a great hike, flag on the hill, great view before the storm rolled in plus shameless selfie in the cold.

IMG_3540 thumb_IMG_3543_1024 thumb_IMG_3547_1024 thumb_IMG_3548_1024 thumb_IMG_3560_1024 thumb_IMG_3569_1024 thumb_IMG_3573_1024 thumb_IMG_3584_1024 thumb_IMG_3602_1024 thumb_IMG_3615_1024

I will eventually get to posting about my five year mark and our growth culture at the office, the half in Mexico City, jumping out of an airplane, and the kick off to Ironman Mallorca training since those have been keeping me busy the last few weeks but need to get ready for Denali.  Time to go through my packing lists again and get ready to head to the airport.  Since I have a free morning there tomorrow will snap a few pictures and write about the small fortune I spent on high altitude cold weather gear I had to get despite living in a hot flat state.  For dispatches from the training expedition seminar we can be followed here on the RMI Blog.



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