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More delayed blogging

November 6, 2016

So many months since my last post.  After a busy spring and summer I think I am finally finished traveling for the year aside from some work trips.  My travel was pretty frequent this year and got to visit some new places starting with Mexico City then ten days on the glaciers on the flanks of Mt. Denali.  The flight into the Alaska range started what turned out to be a fun learning experience as preparation for an eventual attempt to climb the highest peak in North America.

Starting in Denali National Park, taking off from Talkeetna over the low lying plains and rivers gives a neat perspective of Alaska.

20160502_124348 20160502_125818

Then into the range.  The plane has to split peaks so a day with limited cloud cover is a must to get in or out of the mountains.


Landing on skies on a glacier takes some skills, think landing with no breaks so you have to land uphill.  Early spring the landing area

is down glacier at the Kahiltna International Airport but later spring the crevasses open and the airstrip moves up glacier making the return to base camp that much farther after the 2+ weeks it takes to attempt Denali.

20160502_132357 20160502_153207

Just learned that pot is legal in Alaska after seeing these ski mountaineers with their bong attached to life saving gear on harness.


4 nights in our camp here with the pink dome being our posh, i.e. dinning tent.

20160502_200708 20160503_070859 20160503_182327  20160503_200946 20160504_085539

During the seminar we hiked out of camp most days attempted two other climbing objectives when we had clear weather.


20160504_08554520160504_143601 20160504_185237

Learning snow anchors and pulley systems was integral prior to being dropped into a crevasse for training and then pulling each other out. Fun and informative day at snow school.

20160505_142413 20160506_111917

Dragging sleds is how you move gear on Denali and it take some practice for sure.

20160506_143727 20160506_162454 20160507_084738 20160507_114510  20160507_115307  20160507_161319

This is the only living thing I saw aside from climbers and guides once we landed on the glaciers, no stone, no earth, just ice and mountaineers.

20160508_173032 20160509_111828 20160510_074303

One day I will hold the flag up on the peak behind me above 20,000′ training complete.

20160510_095640 20160510_105451


Need to spot some pictures from the half marathon in Mexico City and from some of the wonderful cycling this summer then Portugal and Ironman Mallorca but will be later in the month.  Kikulu market time hoping our fundraising goes well this quarter.  More posts to come after my hiatus.  Lots of training and brewing talk to post on.


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