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Not even moderate success in 2016

January 26, 2017

Below is my goal list from last year and where I ended up.  I was a too aggressive last year and clearly set too many unattainable goals so will need to do better this year.  I am hoping to have this years up by the weekend so at least get them set with in the first month of 2017.

  1. Tear Down the cottage and lay foundation for the new one.  This includes cutting down the some of the trees that will be used in the building and sourcing any other family resources that can be incorporated into the new house. — Cut down the trees and cut into initial flooring and set out for drying.  The tear down did not occur until Jan 23rd so missed this one but not by too much time. — 45%
  2. Buy no pre-packaged beer for the house, i.e. only drink what I make home brewing.  While this may sound silly, it presents a planning challenge long term since if I was not ready I would have to wait a month to drink a beer I made, granted I get a carve out for growlers which are still gaining in popularity in Texas. Point of this is part environmental for less waste and part discipline. — Did well but not perfect, for the most part beer brought into and not made at home was in growlers reducing waste and forcing planning and new recipe creation and getting them prepared at home.  Would say 60% success here
  3. No fast food, take out, or food delivery to the house.  So have to either cook which I love to do or go out to eat. — 95% success hard at times but worked out 
  4. Write and adhere to a budget — Failed to write, did live to an internal budget but need more discipline around fiscal responsibility  
  5. Complete another Ironman and set a new PR doing so better than 13:12:35 for full course.  Signed up for Mallorca Spain in the fall so training is starting now— Completed Mallorca despite some logistical problems and a horrible weather day for racing with a ton of rain while climbing the only mountains on the bike bourse.  Still a fun day despite missing my time by half hour.  
  6. 3 New countries  –– Only two sadly finished at 36 countries life time
  7. Spanish Level 1 –– Complete fail
  8. Paint a Self Portrait — Looked hilarious but completed
  9. Baby sit for Nick and Winnie – Not solo
  10. Take at least one class to learn something new — Only if I count work so this is a failure as well

So last year not so good on the goal front.  I still did some pretty amazing things that I would like to continue but the goals were set poorly last year so will need to work on that in 2017.  I am already envisioning some wildly challenging things so look forward to a great 2017.





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