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Starting 2017 – Goal Setting

February 11, 2017

Waking up this morning early to find there is unseasonably warm conditions in Southern Colorado was a bit disappointing since we are scheduled to ice climb there next weekend……  First world problems of someone who likes to escape from the flat temperate world of work-a-day Dallas.  All in all still going to give it a try just hoping the conditions improve.  Since it is already the 2nd week of February I am behind in publishing my goals for 2017 as always.  Going to keep the goals short this year since I fell so short last year and have not given them nearly enough consideration.

  1. Physical
    1. One significant event per month (min half marathon)
    2. Complete Ft. Worth Ultra in reasonable time (sub 5:15)
    3. Complete Beach to Battleship Half Ironman
    4. Summit both peak attempts in Bolivia (Illimani 21,122′ and Huyana Potsi 19,974′)
    5. Pikes Marathon again?
  2. Cottage Get foundation laid and formal time bound completion plan done
  3. 8 New books
  4. Register formal partnership plan for Investment Club
  5. 10 hours per month charity time
  6. Finish bamboo bike
  7. Learn to weld with my brother
  8. Take a Spanish class
  9. Make a decent batch of Sake
  10. Get a turkey with my bow


Seems like enough to try and get done, granted think I may write a separate list not for publishing for work goals since i have not tried that before.  Below is a quick couple pictures where i stand with the bike, hopefully can get that done this weekend so one goal would be down.


Best to all for a great 2017.

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