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Texas Spring Pros and Cons plus some projects

April 2, 2017

This weekend started so well Friday night date night for sushi after getting out of the office just early enough for a bike ride around the lake.  Then a relaxing pre-marathon day around Las Colinas, got in some fun bluebonnet pictures and cruising around the old non-air conditioned car and just in general enjoying the wonderful Texas spring.



Then some archery practice to prepare for Spring Turkey, followed by a big pasta prep dinner and early to bed to be ready for my 5th running of the Irving marathon.   Now the cons part, there were hints of storms all day Saturday but I thought sure we would get a pass but at 5:30 race morning the email came in Race Canceled for weather.  Huge disappointment since this was to be my last big event before the big mountains in Bolivia this year.

Now watching the lightning flash out the window and wondering if the power will go out I get to just have inside work today rather than enjoying the beautiful Texas Spring, guess living here all my life I am used to the storms.  I have come to embrace the fresh washed feel after a driving storm, dislike the damage but love to see turbulence, even violence of the power of mother nature.  So despite the disappointment of not getting to race today on to other things, get a post up and finish my taxes since that would be another downside to spring.

Funny how similar my siblings and I are, sister is heavy into crafting these days and brother and I are wood working.  One of my woodworking goals is to learn more as I begin to build the house in Maine since i will try and do everything from flooring to cabinets myself.  our first project was taking a class to learn the use of routers and we did so last week making the box below which I guess I will begin staining today since cant really ride bike or climbing in a thunderstorm.  Check out some of the pictures and take my recommendation for going to Woodcraft if you wanted to take a class of learn more about woodworking.


The red oak cut beautifully and is heavy and clean.  The trench was the hardest cut and raising the top panel was neat to see the power and precision of woodworking tools. Then using the router to smooth all the edges was new to me since I always assumed that detail was done with a sander but make more sense now.

Now that the box is finished I need to settle on oil, lacquer, polyurethane, or shellac and am still uncertain but just want the finish to bring out the beauty of the wood rather than cover it up.  Now for a housebound Sunday, guess it is either bamboo bike time, home brewing projects, taxes or both of the above.

Even though I want to be out running my marathon today guess having time to write and work on other things is good too.

Best Wishes from a stormy Texas Spring

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