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End of the spring and Southbound 

May 20, 2017

Have gotten through a couple of my projects and even got to ride my bamboo bike. Not total success but thus far a great spring in Texas. See the bike below coming along just need to install the rear break and then pull the wrapping and get a nice finish on the frame.

Was little nerve racking on my first long ride on it but pretty fulfilling to have the wheels turning on my first bike build.

Other non work success this spring have been around preparation for Bolivia. After some climbing spending more time in the gym and plenty of stairs and few times outside I think I’m ready.  Considering I fly soon guess I am as ready as I will be. New boots new ice tool good rock gym times and all.

Coming home from the left coast this week I had a window seat for the first time in ages and took a couple shots which actually made me a little remiss for my time out there since I have not been able to spend enough time with my California family as I would like.

Now that I am headed to the right coast before going south I am having thoughts of anxiety, challenge, risk, reward, and ultimately much happiensss and accomplishment. The mountains in South America have now called my name for 3 previous times so to attempt a 4th and the highest altitude I have tried is a bit daunting, but I’m ready.  If this goes well I’ll be well on track for Denali, Ancongcaua and maybe in my wildest dreams an attempt at Mt. Everest for my 40th birthday.
Guess until then I need to make sure my flights are on time and my arrival in La Paz seamless so I can acclimatize and get away from mortgage land for a bit to refresh and refuel before what will be a challenging summer. For the next two weeks my guide service will be posting I believe and for anyone who would like to follow our program which is the first attempts in Bolivia ok long time just check here over next couple weeks.
For others check my Instagram, Just Brewing and if I have access I hope to post. As with the many times I’ve been abroad in last few years I’m unsure if I will be able to post or not but will try my best.  Wishing best to all for a wonderful spring.

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