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Big smiles and bigger needs – Uganda

October 23, 2019

As I sit in the departure lounge at Entebbe airport I have to wonder how large the income gap between this city and the villages around Iganga. I am guessing it is something akin to comparing a NY street beggar to a wall street professional. The children we visited were amazing and smiles and songs and dancing even when they had nothing and celebrated even the simplest things like new bed sheets and mosquito nets.

The Kikulu team will be spending the rest of the week capturing the stories and documenting the plight of these youngsters as they seek a better life. The many thoughts I’ve had of Africa in this trip cannot be condensed into many words but certainly I held back tears many times and my heart went out to all the families and children who have so little in such a corrupt place. I will likely spend many hours understanding what the US position is in aid here since my understanding before I left was it was largely humanitarian but being here sounds mostly military and never felt by the people of Uganda. The NGO’S here appear to be the only entities helping the people. From my brief reading I understand that the population doubles roughly ever 16 years and death is so frequent the people are largely inured too it. Perhaps that is because most women have 7 children with no ability to care for them. Polygamy appears still quite rampant and jobs are largely unavailable or must be purchased like a new car.

During my return I hope not to lose much of the learning I have attained in the last few days. I will continue to consider ways to bring attention and support to the third world and to understand how the first world and The Kikulu Foundation can best help.

Below are a few more pictures of this magical place while I assemble some more thoughts on such a wonderful visit to east Africa.

Regards from Entebbe Uganda

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